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    3 Reasons why Heated Floor Mats Solve your Sidewalk Woes

    Posted by Nichole Morine on Jun 10, 2015 9:07:51 AM

    3 Reasons why Heated Floor Mats Solve your Sidewalk Woes 

    From Michigan to Manhattan, heated sidewalk mats have become a growing winter trend amongst homeowners, small-business owners and property managers alike. It’s no surprise given their ease and efficiency when it comes to snow melting.

    Here are 3 top reasons why external heated mats will solve your sidewalk woes!

    1. At times of high stress during winter storms, heated floor mats save people valuable time and money while allowing continued access, even during a bad storm. They keep sidewalks dry, which means no shoveling or plowing for homeowners, small businesses and retail shops.

      For small businesses it means an increase in foot traffic and client/patron accessibility even during snowstorms. And for homeowners, heated sidewalks means no trudging through snow, sleet and slush when walking to your car, mailbox or taking your dog out.

    1. Heated sidewalks can also cut down on winter wear and tear, reducing sidewalk damage. From a capital investment perspective, it expands the lifespan of and cuts down on restoration costs of your sidewalks. Concrete is expensive to repair and rebuild and can be damaging to surrounding buildings, landscape and existing structures.

      When you don’t have ice-picks, scrapers and shovels banging away at your concrete you get more out of your sidewalks. Not to mention that the damaging cycle of thawing and freezing is reduced since heated mats prevent moisture from freezing on the sidewalk surface.

    1. While time and money are important, having peace of mind that your health and safety are taken care of is the most important aspect of using a heated sidewalk mat. Heated floor mats reduce the slip and fall rate for your family and customers.

      Not only will your sidewalks be snow, ice and slush-free, but when you use external heated mats, you will gain the benefit of extra tread and traction. Sidewalks can get slick while wet, whereas the rubber traction of the mats can provide stability to foot traffic.

    Do heated floor mats really work?

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