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    Are You and Your Family Prepared for Winter Storm Season? Six Questions to Ask Yourself

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Dec 19, 2016 8:30:00 AM

    AccuWeather is predicting above-average snowfall for the East Coast this winter, and a long winter for the entire U.S. What this means is: if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to get ready for winter storms (especially if you live in an area where storms like these are a possibility).

    If you want to make sure your home, car and family are prepared for winter, there are six important questions you need to ask yourself:

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    Winter Readiness Checklist

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Dec 12, 2016 9:26:00 AM

    Preparing for the arrival of harsh winter weather is more than a matter of convenience: it’s critical to protecting your safety and health. Serious injuries are all too common in the winter, from slipping on icy walkways, to hypothermia or frostbite, or even having a heart attack or stroke while shoveling snow. And being without electricity, running water, food, or communication during a major snowstorm can be extremely dangerous, to say the least.

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    The Ultimate Winter Survival Guide: 15 Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Aug 28, 2016 9:30:00 AM

    "Surviving" winter, both in terms of safety and finances, is not at all automatic. Winter weather brings with it numerous challenges that will test your property's durability and your ability to cope with harsh and changeable conditions. Below, we list 15 tips that every homeowner should know to minimize risk and loss during the cold season:

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    Keeping Your Home Energy Efficient, Eco-friendly, and Environmentally Safe this Winter

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Aug 27, 2016 8:30:00 AM

    With the rising costs of electricity and home-heating fuels, homeowners are more concerned than ever before about maintaining an energy efficient home. Concerns for safety and for the environment are also high priorities among many homeowners, and thankfully, the very same actions that curb the high costs of home energy usage often also tend toward "eco-friendliness" and environmental safety.

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    Winter Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Jun 16, 2016 8:30:00 AM

    More home fires occur during the winter than at any other time of year, and many of these fires result in extensive property damage, severe burns and respiratory problems, and even in the death of the home's occupants. The elderly are particularly at risk, those over the age of 65 accounting for more than 1/3 of all winter fire fatalities, and young children are also highly vulnerable to these dangers. Thus, every homeowner has good reason to be concerned about wintertime fire hazards and would do well to learn a few safety tips that will minimize the risk.

    Some simple ways you can make your home a safer place during the winter by reducing fire risks include the following:

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    5 Winter Roof Damage Issues Homeowners Need to Know

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Mar 28, 2016 7:30:00 AM

    Winter can be especially harsh on a house's roof, and it’s almost never a good idea to simply wait for spring before addressing the issues that the presence of snow and ice on your roof can cause. Five of the main winter roof damage problems that homeowners should be aware of are listed below, along with some advice on how to best manage them.

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    How to Avoid Common Winter Liability Issues On Your Home's Property

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Feb 9, 2016 4:30:00 AM
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    Why You're Paying for Snow Removal Even If You Don't Realize It

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Jan 19, 2016 4:30:00 AM

    Many homeowners, when asked "How much do you pay for snow removal?," are quick to answer, "We don't pay anything for snow removal because we do it all ourselves." Yet, in reality, there are costs, both financial and otherwise, that come into play when you shovel your own snow.

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    7 Tips To Understanding Your Winter Weather Report

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Jan 14, 2016 4:30:00 AM

    Legend has it that variations in the woolly bear caterpillar's number of black vs. red-brown segments correspond to the intensity of winter weather in the months just ahead. Now, that kind of "weather report" requires a good deal of faith to rely on. But the truth is that many homeowners often feel a little bit like they're staring at a woolly bear caterpillar when they hear their winter weather report--confused and uncertain of what to expect.

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    The Most Common Snow Shoveling Injuries

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Jan 7, 2016 4:30:00 AM

    The American Journal of Emergency Medicine has recently published the results of a 17-year study that documents the most common injuries associated with shoveling snow. The study found that 11,000 people were hospitalized per year, and 195,000 across the whole span, due to accidents stemming from snow shoveling. Most of these injuries fell into the following categories: back injuries, head injuries, bone fractures, and heart attacks/strokes.

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