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    The Best Ways to Spend a Snow Day When You're No Longer a Kid

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Jan 28, 2016 4:30:00 AM
    The Best Ways to Spend a Snow Day When You're No Longer a Kid
    I know--you’re probably thinking, “Adults don’t get snow days.” But that’s not so true anymore. As the record snowfall of the last several years has demonstrated, offices do close, roads aren’t always cleared, and sometimes managers agree that the safest option is just to stay home.
    And no matter your age or parental status, a snow day can and should be magical for everyone.
    Yesterday we broke down some of the best ideas for spending a snow day with your children. But perhaps your children have flown the nest, or they’re “too old” to spend a day off with their parents. Whatever the case, your snow day doesn’t have to revolve around your children--there’s so much you can do to enjoy this day on your own.
    Like yesterday’s post, we’ve gathered several ‘snow day activities’ lists for your reference--but this time, they’re adult snow day lists!
    But to start…
    The Adult Snow Day is Dying, and That’s Sad
    Jesse Singal, New York Magazine

    Before we start offering options for an adult snow day, we have to recognize the mere fact that an adult snow day is a rare thing. Very often to offices close, and even if they do, an internet connection is usually enough to let you work from home. But as this article details, that’s a shame. In the author’s words, “The grown-up world has a tendency to strip things of their magic a bit, but the snow day still served as a wonderful stop sign from the heavens for myopic, overworked adults.” So if the weather’s really bad, and it’s not so easy to get into the office, consider giving yourself a little taste of magic.
    Jessica Booth, Bustle
    This list is all about indulging yourself. If you’re lucky enough to have a day off, then make it all about yourself. That means sleeping late, taking a long, hot bath, and cooking your favorite dishes.
    Janel Laban, Apartment Therapy
    This is a list for the practical reader, who wants to make the most of that rare day home by knocking things off that long put-off to-do list. Clean out the junk drawer, rearrange the room, and just enjoy your home.
    Sarah Rae Smith, Apartment Therapy
    Another batch of ideas from Apartment Therapy (no one makes you feel more productive than Apartment Therapy), this one for you DIY’ers. From simple bowl covers to more extensive projects like a faux birch table, plus a delicious aside for perfect grilled cheese, this list will keep you busy all day.
    Daniel Branch, Daniel’s Personal Development Blog
    Once again, we end with sort of a cap-all. Sometimes the options of all you can do on a day off are so overwhelming that it helps to see them all in one place--so here you go. Fun task? Start at the top and work your way down--see if you can hit all 50!
    Hope you enjoy your much deserved day off!
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