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    HeatTrak in Action: Our New Video!

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Dec 8, 2015 4:30:00 AM

    HeatTrak in Action: Our New Video!

    The winter months are tricky to navigate for anyone, but the group that faces the most difficulty is unquestionably the elderly. They have an increased susceptibility to slipping and falling, and are more sensitive to the cold weather conditions.

    HeatTrak solves those problems by clearing a safe path to freedom for those most vulnerable to winter’s worst.

    Just ask Mr. Hagle and Jaden!


    It’s about more than just erasing concern over winter falls, and removing the need for the heavy exertion of shoveling and salting. It’s about liberating the less-abled so that their day’s purpose is never snowed in.

    Unsure which mat is right for you? The Ultimate Homeowners Guide to Snow Melting Mats | HeatTrak

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