Robert Keeps Himself & His Clients Safe From His Once Notoriously Icy Walkway

Dec 30, 2016 9:01:00 AM Ryan Williams Connecticut

Robert Keep Himself & His Clients Safe From His Once Notoriously Icy WalkwayName: Robert Norman

From: Trumbull, CT

Average Annual Snowfall: 28 inches

Fun Snow Stat: In January 2016, Trumbull received 10.5 inches of snow in 3 HOURS from Winter Storm Jonas!

This is Robert's snow removal success story...

"As a photographer who has clients meet at my home, I’m always concerned about the safety of people stopping by. The winter is especially tough, as my back steps never get direct sun and even with shoveling, can get VERY icy. Salt gets messy and shoveling scrapes off the paint (the porch is cement).

When I saw HeatTrak advertised, I realized quickly that it could solve this problem. I bought enough to cover the areas that always get the slipperiest and after our first big snowfall they worked like a dream, keeping the path and 2 steps into the house ice and snow free. In fact, I had clients stop by DURING the big storm and they commented saying, 'Hey! I really like those heated mats you have out there!'

I think i’m going to have to buy a few more so I can do even LESS shoveling!"

- Robert,