Michele Doesn't Have to Use Harsh Chemicals on Her Icy Walkway Any More!

Dec 23, 2016 9:07:00 AM Ryan Williams New York

Michele Doesn't Have To Use Anymore Harsh Chemicals On Her Icy Walkway!Name: Michele

From: Elizabethtown, NY

Average Annual Snowfall: 65 inches

Fun Snow Stat: Elizabethtown hit a record low of -27 degrees in 1968 during a Sunday snowstorm that lasted for 26 hours and dumped 15.3" of snow!

This is Michele's snow removal success story...

"Love, love mine! No more spreading ice melt every morning or worrying about anyone slipping on ice and falling. I just took this (picture) today. We had an ice storm last night and this morning, no ice at all and then it started snowing. As you can see, there is and was nothing staying on my mat or around it where the heat must be keeping that clear, too. My driveway was a sheet of ice however. As you can see where it is snowing now, how great it is having the entrance clear of ice and snow to avoid slips, falls, and shoveling."

- Michele


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