Janice no longer has to worry about snow drifts

Dec 29, 2016 8:20:00 AM Ryan Williams New York

Mike gets through inches of snow to his car shelter with no need to shovelA few minutes after placing the mats over the snow-.png

Name: Janice Jaskowiak

From: Buffalo, NY

Average Annual Snowfall: 93.4 inches

Fun Snow Stat:
In the Buffalo Blizzard of 1977, the snow began in the early morning and temperatures plunged about 26 degrees in four hours. At the blizzard's peak, gusts of winds were 75 mph, and wind chills reached 50 to 60 degrees below zero!

This is Janice's snow removal success story...

"First snow in Buffalo and my mats are on!

I got my first mats a few years back when we had an October surprise storm and had 2 feet of snow. I couldn't open the sliding door for my 3 dogs to get out. I got the mats so that they could get out the door. A few years after that, I was having back surgery and got the mats in the photo where I always get the big drifts in the front of my house so that I don't have to shovel so much, I love the mats."

- Janice Jaskowiak