Dan Hasn't Shoveled His Bluestone Front Steps in 3 Years!

Jan 6, 2017 8:31:00 AM Ryan Williams New Hampshire

Mike gets through inches of snow to his car shelter with no need to shovelA few minutes after placing the mats over the snow-.png


Name: Dan P.

From: Plymouth, New Hampshire

Average Annual Snowfall: 70 inches

This is Dan's snow removal success story...

"It's -6 degrees today in New Hampshire. I'm standing in front of my HeatTrak system in front of my home on bluestone steps that I have not shoveled in 3 years. It's a good thing. The minute it starts to snow or freezing rain, plug them in and there you go!"

- Dan P.Dan Hasn't Shoveled his Bluestone Front Steps in 3 Years!

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