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    A Guide to Snow Removal, Snow Melting Mats & Facility Maintenance


    How to Ready Employees and Customers for Winter-Related Downtime

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Jul 17, 2018 12:00:00 AM

    Physically preparing your facility for winter is a key part of minimizing winter-related downtime and keeping building occupants safe. Communicating with your staff and customers to prepare them for winter’s inevitable disruptions is another key part. Here are four tips for keeping lines of communication open during the winter season: 

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    Topics: Facilities Maintenance, Safety

    How to Get Rid of Black Ice Before It Causes Injury

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Jul 12, 2018 12:00:00 AM

    Prevention is always preferred when it comes to dealing with winter ice. Nevertheless, there may be times when, despite your facility management team’s best efforts, you will be faced with the hazard of black ice. Below are some options for removing it, but first, a refresher:

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    Topics: Facilities Maintenance, Safety, Slip and Fall

    How Often Should You Rinse/Wash/Replace Your Entrance Mats?

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Jul 10, 2018 12:00:00 AM

    Especially during the winter season, but also throughout the year, facility managers must take care to properly maintain entrance mats and inspect and replace them as needed.

    Below, we look briefly at how and when to clean both rubber and carpeted entrance mats, and give some advice on when to replace mats that may otherwise increase the risk of trip-and-fall accidents.

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    Topics: Facilities Maintenance, Safety

    Winter Readiness: Three Things Everyone in the Building Needs to Know

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Jul 6, 2018 11:44:00 AM

    Among the many duties of facility managers, keeping your building occupants safe by preparing for winter storms ranks high on the list. There is much involved in being ready for extreme winter weather, some of it only the concern of a manager.  However, there are also things that every employee needs to know about your winter preparedness plan—this, long before the first snowflakes even fall.

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    Topics: Facility Management, Facilities Maintenance, Winter Safety

    Keeping Your Employees Safe at Work in Winter Storm Season

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Jun 20, 2018 12:00:00 AM

    As an employer, preparing for winter storms means taking steps well in advance to prevent employees from getting sick or injured while on the job, to prevent property damage, and to avoid or cut costly downtime.

    But the safety of employees, as well as of customers and any other building occupants, must be the first priority. And while the humanitarian concern should be reason enough to reach this conclusion, consider also that the temporary or permanent loss of your workforce and/or potential liability for injuries that occur on the job site will impact your business's bottom line. 

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    Topics: Facilities Maintenance, Safety

    Commercial Snow Removal 101: How and Why to Pretreat Your Parking Lots

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Nov 14, 2017 7:14:00 AM

    Wisely managing your parking lot during the winter season is crucial to your facility's productivity, safety of those driving and walking on the parking lot surface, and keeping snow and ice management costs as low as possible. One thing you can do to manage your parking lot is to pretreat it with anti-icers before a big storm hits.

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    Topics: Facility Management, Facilities Maintenance

    Comparing Commercial Snow Removal Options: Buy, Rent, or Hire?

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Sep 14, 2017 7:28:00 AM

    Removing snow from your parking lot each winter is no small task. Back-to-back storms can dump snow in uninterrupted accumulations. Facility managers must have a reliable plan in place to ensure that parking lots and walkways remain clear so that, to the extent possible, business can carry on as usual.

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    Topics: Facility Management, Facilities Maintenance

    Four Habits Facility Managers Should Develop When It Comes To Snow Removal

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Sep 7, 2017 2:02:00 AM

     Four habits facility managers should develop when it comes to snow removal

    Every snow season brings with it new challenges. If you want to stay on top of your facility’s snow removal plan, here are four key habits you should develop.

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    Topics: Snow Removal, Commercial Property Management, Facilities Maintenance

    Caring for and Maintaining your Business’s Entrance Mats

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Sep 5, 2017 7:02:00 AM

    An entrance mat (placed inside or outside an entryway) helps keep your building free of outdoor elements that can get tracked indoors by wet or dirty feet. However, a poorly maintained entrance mat is worse than using none at all.  Follow this advice for the care and maintenance of your entrance mats and you’ll get years of use out of them, not to mention reduce the occurrence of slip-and-fall injuries on your premises due to tracked-in water, mud, and dirt.

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    Topics: Facility Management, Facilities Maintenance

    Tree and Landscaping Precautions to Take Before Winter

    Posted by Ryan Williams on Aug 10, 2016 8:00:00 AM

    Your facility trees and carefully manicured landscaping enter the "danger zone" with every approaching winter season. Unless you take the proper precautions, and in a timely manner, you run the risk of losing the money you have already invested, spending more than you should on "post-winter recovery," and allowing your trees and landscaping to become a danger to those present on the property.

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    Topics: Landscaping, Facilities Maintenance, Winterkill